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Worldwide Franchise Opportunity – Noor Arfa Batek

Worldwide Franchise Opportunity – Noor Arfa Batek

Today’s featured franchising opportunity is all about colorful batek arts, all the way from Malaysia. Noor Arfa Batek (Batik) is the largest commercial batek producer in Malaysia and they have been around for more than 25 years now. Noor Arfa Batek themselves is a classic Malaysian fairy tale success story, their humble beginnings began from printing bateks in their home’s backyard and today they have grown into a multi million Malaysian ringgit business company!

Their market is not limited to Malaysia alone for they have secured strong footings in the Middle East and European markets for years now. The franchise gives you the opportunity to open and manage your very own Noor Arfa Batek chain store selling formal and casual batek (batik) wear for both adults and children. They have almost everything that you could think of!

Like any other franchise, franchisees would be given initial training to familiarize themselves to the company, their business system, products and so forth. Noor Arfa Batek would also provide ongoing support to help you manage and develop your chain store further. Not bad!

If opening up a physical chain store is not exactly your cup of tea, there’s one other alternative that you could try on Noor Arfa Batek. However, you have to sit down and talk to them first. Some online entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to sell Noor Arfa Batek’s products in their online stores. It is like some kind of online distributorship opportunities that you can tap into. If you have any other brilliant ideas, feel free to talk to Noor Arfa Batek. I’m sure that they would be more than interested to hear them.

As of time of writing, interested parties are required to fork out a minimum of Malaysian ringgit 50,000 (+-US14,000) for the franchising fee alone. Feel free to contact Noor Arfa Batek for more details on this franchising opportunity.


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