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Write Your Marketing Plan

Write Your Marketing Plan

Many business owners skip writing an actual marketing plan, or throw together a simple plan with basic strategies, not fully understanding the power of a well-developed marketing plan.

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is an outline of specific actions or strategies that you plan to implement to grow your business.

Before you write your business plan you need to sit down and list out some basic information.

· Who are your competitors?

· Who are you targeting as potential customers?

· Write down a detailed description of what service and products you offer.

· How much can you spend to get the customers you desire?

The next step involves research, but is time well spent, as it allows you to refine your strategies.

1. Know your target market's needs and needs to target your marketing message to reach them.

2. Have a goal for your desired results you need to evaluate each strategy to minimize the cost for under-performing strategies.

3. List the strategies that you plan to use to get your marketing message to your targeted market.

4. List the steps necessary to put each strategy into action a skipped step at the time of implementation that can delay a campaign unnecessarily.

5. List out how much you can spend on each strategy, save the more expensive strategies until you can afford them without strain on your business's bottom line.

6. Create a schedule for each strategy including anything that will require additional time, such as writing your press release or newsletter.

With the information above, you can simply write an outline of your proposed marketing plan, filling in the details with the information you have collected. If you are new to marketing or this is your first formal plan, you may also want to spend some time researching the different marketing strategies available to find the ones that will get the results you desire. If your budget allows for it, consulting with a marketing professional can simplify the process of growing your business.


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