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Your Information Marketing Scorecard – How Do You Rate?

Your Information Marketing Scorecard – How Do You Rate?

Did you know that what you think is what you get? So, when it comes to procrastinating and even rationalizing about how far along you are (or are not) with your Information Marketing goals, take a look at what you are telling yourself. What is your inner talk? You may want to look a little under the surface, becoming aware of your real thoughts. Are they pushing you forward or holding you back?

Find out by taking this 10 point quiz. Determine your Information Marketing Scorecard rating. Identify any thoughts that may be standing in the way of your generating passive revenue in a big way.

Top Ten Thoughts – Barriers To Success With Information Marketing

As you read through the ten statements that people often say to themselves or others (thinking that subtly undermines your success) keep track of the statements that ring true for you.

What's holding you up?

Barrier # 1: "I'm not ready yet; I'm still researching the field." There certainly is a lot to know. It can seem overwhelming. But frankly, if you wait for "figure it all out", the opportunity will pass you by. The information marketing industry is one of the most forgiving. You can make a mistake (yes, it's OK) and still make money. Your strategy should be that of Nike's, "Just do it!"

Barrier # 2: "It will cost me too much money." Boy, do not I know that technology on the Internet can put a big dent in your pocketbook. But that was the "old" way. When you have a paradigm shift of your mindset, and finally "get" what information marketing is all about (and know which tools are the best for you to use), you will be amazed at how inexpensive it can be. But then again, who talks about costs in this business; The return on investment is so overwhelmingly huge (when done right) that the price is insignificant.

Barrier # 3: "I do not know who to listen to, there are so many 'experts'." My goodness, they are popping out of the woodwork. Some are fabulous, others are get-rich scanners, so you do need to know who to follow. When I talk about the "millionaire experts", I mean the ones at the top – unquestionable ethics, superior knowledge, excellent ideas. I'm speaking of people like Alexandria Brown, Alex Mandossian, Yanik Silver, Tom Antion, Steve Siebold, Mike Stewart, Jeff Herring. . . And the list goes on. So it is hard, but do not let that stop you. I strongly suggest that once you put in your core SYSTEM (you MUST have that to make any money at all), you pick one or two industry leaders to follow and learn from. Then when you are ready, add another to your world. You'll know who then, because the great ones "flock" together!

Barrier # 4: "I can do this by myself, I bought a CD and listened to a free teleseminar." Oh, oh, oh this is a trap. In this industry, there is so much that can go right and so much that can go wrong. You can sink a lot of money into it (not to mention the hours, weeks, months of time) and get nowhere. Do not try to do this on your own. You have to have a core system first – and most people do not have a clue as to what that is. Plus, the time it takes you to figure it out all on your own can be sent bringing in the dough! You do not want to be "penny-wise and pound foolish". You want to be investment savvy!

Barrier # 5: "I'm not a techie; doing information marketing scares me." Well, you're absolutely right in thinking there are some technological aspects to this industry. You do need to have a relationship with someone who enjoys messing with the Internet. No, that does not have to be a highly-paid tech person, it could be YOU. When someone shows you how simple and accessible these techniques can be, the sense of power and freedom are magnificent. YOU can have control over your future, over the speed of cash inflow, over how you are presented to the world. Learning how to create "all things information marketing" has never been easier, or more rewarding. Non-techies can do this!

Barrier # 6: "I tried this before, and it did not work." OK, so you may have put some products on a website and they did not sell. Yeah, that's because you did not have your core system in place first. There is a strategy that the millionaire experts use; It is not just happenstance. There are specific elements that must tie together and feed each other. There is a mindset that deviates from the traditional put up a website and "they will come". But learning this new paradigm shift, and putting the pieces in place, can be the most liberating experience you ever had. If you have expertise that others would like to know about, then do not give up on using information marketing to leverage your knowledge. Six-figure takes are there for the taking!

Barrier # 7: "I can not do it yet, I do not have a website." Oh no, this can not be one of your barriers. The reality is that the millionaire experts use web pages in entirely different ways. Very, very few of them have a typical website with lots of choices on it. They know the secret of presenting one product at a time, for their followers to buy now or buy later. So do not let the lack of a website deter you. In fact, it is often a benefit to not have one. It's easier to make the shift in your thinking!

Barrier # 8: "I do not know what I would use as a product; I have to create one." This is one of the most common delays I hear – and the most easily fixed, if you have a creative mindset. It appears to be a massive task of creating an e-book, a CD or an e-course. But, when you discover the web tools that make all of this super, super easy, and you start thinking of what you already have that can be "re-purposed", you'll find you have a slew of products just a hair away From bringing you passive income! Find someone who can help you see what will work for you.

Barrier # 9: "I do not want to send an ezine every week." OK, so you do not need to send something every week, but you do need to communicate with your list at least once every other week. If you do not, the impact will not result in sales – and that's the point is not it? Now for the good news. There is a formula you use for ezines (electronic newsletters) that is contrary to what you are used to – and which is much simpler than you imagine. Just do ONE article; Keep it short (300 – 700 words); And make it meaningful. Another tip – if you do not like to write, send an audio postcard like Alex Mandossian's Wednesday Minute.

Barrier # 10: "I intend to do it as soon as I have time; I just need to finish this project first." Yes, let's save the best to last. If all else fails, we'll just do it "as soon as. But, you and I know, there is always another obligation looming on the horizon that will slide in, keeping us from taking the time to put an information marketing system in place. Let me ask you, is this thought really an excuse to cover up a fear that maybe you do not really know how to do it, or sometimes it is the sum of all the above ideas. Make time for it. You'll be glad you did!

There is one thing I can guarantee you: if you get past these barriers, and you start on the journey of information marketing by putting your core system in place first, you'll never regret it. It is the most exciting, fulfilling and richly rewarding activities you can do – that will only continue to build and build, bringing you more fame and fortune over time.

Your Scorecard Rating OK, so now you've tracked the numbers that are true for you. Let's see how your scorecard racks up.

  • 0 Numbers – "Hooray!" You are READY to learn all there is to make money with Information Marketing. You may even have started generating income with a core sales system that automatically builds a list for you, ties to the shopping cart, and invites people to buy over and over again – you're either doing well with it or are eager to get Started because you know information marketing is the answer to your dreams – when done right!
  • # 1, # 2, # 3 or # 4 – "Great", You just need a little understanding of the industry to realize that it can be easier and less costly than you think – especially when you link up with a mentor or a Model who you like and who will tell you how to proceed.
  • # 5, # 6, or # 7 – "Super", Do not let technology get in your way. It's possible to make it your friend with the new, and remarkably easy, web tools out there designed to take all the pain and confusion out of the picture. You do not have to do it on your own, let the expert resources do it for you.
  • # 8, # 9, or # 10 – "Outstanding", A mind shift to the possibilities with information marketing is the only thing standing in your way. You have to think differently, change your paradigm. It is not the tried and true website on the Internet business. That's not bad, just different. Open your mind to new thoughts. Then cash in!

Source by Linda Keefe

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