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Your Success in MLM – Strategy For Leaders

Your Success in MLM – Strategy For Leaders

The MLM or Network Marketing, as it is used by people interchangeably, is for everybody, however, not everybody is the right fit for MLM, Network Marketing. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad #1 New York Times best seller noted in a traditional business franchise that most people would not go 10 years without getting paid to make their business happen.

Within our industry of MLM, Network Marketing I can assure you if it takes you that long to make money here you are doing something very wrong. And you can get started with only a few hundred dollars in a MLM / Network Marketing company.

So what is it that keeps people from making it and making it to the rock star money and success?

Excuses! Plain and simple, Excuses. You see most people when they get started in the business get started on “hope”. They really don’t know themselves so they don’t really know what they are looking for. And what I mean by that is most people don’t have a clue as to their “WHY”. Their WHY is what they are passionate about working so hard to achieve. It brings them through the process of failure and having to persist and put up with C.R.A.P. (Criticism, Rejection, A**holes and Pressure). So they make up excuses. And boy oh boy have I heard a lot of them over the years. I thought it would be fun for a moment to share some of them with you. Not to make fun of the people who are no longer in the business, well, you don’t even know their names, so It’s OK anyway, but to open your mind to what you will be dealing with as a leader of your organization. Ok, I’ll admit it; it is kind of funny to hear them also. You see you cannot take this business so seriously that you jump off a high bridge. You got to lighten up, have fun, no pressure, see the end result…….Your Success and know that no matter how many quit, they quit on themselves not you as their up line. I always tell people that they will quit on themselves before I ever quit on them. I was having so much fun one day I put together a list of Excuses and some instructions for my reps and sent it out to them. I will share just a few of those here with you;


The only excuse I will allow a representative in our organization to have is to “Excuse” themselves from their business. At any point in your Network Marketing career you can quit. Please review the following excuses and put your name by the excuse that best describes you. If you do not see the excuse that applies to you please fill it in and Make Sure you put your name by it so we can give you the credit for that new excuse.

*I don’t have the money * I don’t have the time * I’m too stressed out at work (SO you want to stay there and die an early and miserable death?) * My wife said this thing isn’t working after 2 weeks ( I hope she gives your marriage more time than that.) *I called 10 of my friends and they all said NO (Find some new friends. From what you told me they are all broke minded anyway.) *I don’t know enough people (Learn to market on the internet) * My brother said it was one of those things (You’re going to listen to your brother who’s been at the same job for 17 years and having an affair with his secretary? Really, I mean Really?) *My up line quit (Yea, Mine did too. I bet he wishes he was still my up line now!) * I don’t know, I’m worried about my professional reputation ( So, you would rather hang out with your doctor and attorney friends at the country club, most of which are $200,000 in student loan debt and 1 payment away from losing the BMW or Mercedes? Get to work, when you’re making 5 figures a month they’ll come a calling!)

And the funniest so far…… *Only the people at the top get rich. (WELL OF COURSE they do. And so does YOUR BOSS. Remember he’s at the top also. But you can’t do anything about your boss now can you?

In this industry YOU CAN OUT WORK THEM AND Make Money beyond their income. In this industry you “promote” yourself. And I mean that in all uses of the word. See if you can do that in a corporate America. So you got to really ask yourself, look in the mirror, “Is MLM / Network Marketing really what I am looking for?” And if the answer is yes would you be making excuses or Making Money? Remember as a leader of your organization you have the choice to “buy” the excuses of your down line or say I’m not buying.


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