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Your Website Might Not Be Nike, But It's Still Your Brand!

Your Website Might Not Be Nike, But It's Still Your Brand!

Everyone will agree that branding is absolutely critical to the success and survival of businesses. Branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over competitors, it is about how you are perceived by your target market.

However, many businesses misunderstood the significance of applying branding strategies to their website. Whether you're a world renowned business or a small online marketer, your brand might not be Nike but it's still your brand!

To succeed in branding you have to understand your customer or prospects, what are their wants and needs?

Many people think branding is about name recognition. Not close, other things are taken into consideration such as the logo, symbols and the design. Still not convinced below are some benefits when you create a strong brand:

o Branding has the power to influence the buying decision of your prospects. This means that having a strong brand will help your prospects feel confident when buying from you and instead of your competitors.

o Branding creates a form of trust between your brand and prospects.

o Branding leaves an impression on potential prospects, this is where first impressions count, when prospects want your product or service they will search specifically for you instead of typing the product or service into the search engines.

o Having a strong brand will allow you to charge a premium price to your product or service, and you do not need to worry if the higher price will detract customers, they will pay thinking of the quality and positive perceptions about the brand included in the product or service.

o When you like something, do you recommend it to a friend? Of course you do and this is what will happen if you have a strong brand, your website will spread by word of mouth, viral marketing.

You should make use of branding strategies on your website if you are not doing so already as this puts you at an advantage over competitors. Apply the following strategies to make your website has a strong brand perception:

1. Have A Professional Design – do not have cartons and content all over the place, your site will look a mess and you can kiss prospects goodbye as they will surely click the back button

2. Relevant Domain Name – make sure your domain name is relevant to what your website is about because that is how prospects will remember you, your domain name.

3. Your Logo – should be at the top of every page so it is engraved in your prospects brain, this way they will recognize you anywhere, online or offline.

4. Your Message – deliver your message clearly as this is like your slogan, having a good catchy one will ring in your prospects mind when they hear your name.

5. Friday Freebies – give away a free report or useful information that your prospects want! I keep saying this but is true, 'give them what they want'. They'll love this and will certainly come back to your website.

Your brand is very IMPORTANT! When you have realized your website is your brand, the strategies to promote your brand will seem like common sense. The better you promote your brand online through your website, the more likely you will see your business grow and expand on different levels and succeed with your business in the long run.

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Source by Ahmed L Usman

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