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Youth Festival Malaysia – Rara Hamza


In this video, was the overall of events that ive managed. Professional Experiences with Major Projects i did back in 2014.

I was incharge of marketing and project manager for overall on this event, starting from pre-event promotions and event day implementations and post-event follow up.


# Project Manager for “Youth United Festival 2014”
# Supervisor for the roadshow location as pre-event awareness and competition’s recruitments of Youth United Festival 2014
# 6 Platforms of competition :
1. Youth Sports : Futsal Challenge
2. Youth Band Stage : The Battle Of The Band Competition
3. Youth Icon : The Leader of Tomorrow Search
4. Youthlab : Speak Up and Fix It Contest & Inspirational Talks with the celebrities
5. Youthzibition : Arts and Creative Competition
6. Youth Games : Educational Entertainment, Speed Contest.

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