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Liberty League International Review- Scam Or Legitimate Opportunity?

Liberty League International Review- Scam Or Legitimate Opportunity?

Liberty League International says its mission is helping people regardless of personal and financial freedom. But is it really just a high dollar scheme that sells the opportunity to sell? What is the product? One of the founders tries to answer this question about the product on a promotional video from the LLI website. I am not sure that he succeeds.

What you might come away with from his answer is a general idea about the importance of inspiration. And indeed if you are passionate about the value of inspiration to change lives, joining the league may be a viable option. If you appreciate motivational speakers and are willing to invest a reasonable sum for a self-help course, the company's Beyond Freedom 90 day program might interest you. While it may cost far more than other similar books or materials, paying $ 1500 could help motivate a person to implement some life changes regardless of who wrote the materials. You would basically be using the program to become your own life coach. To be successful with the company you would need to believe in the product and the power of inspiration. It also would help if you possess a winning personality that is born to sell.

The missions that the league offers are enticing, $ 1000 each sale after your first two. But the 2-up system does not reward mentors for helping the new associates after the training sales are completed. At that point the new member becomes competition to be avoided. People are not apparently inspired to help each other other money is involved.

If you think this inspirational product costs way too much to begin with, you may not be the ideal person to sell it to others. Those who have tried the league and lost out would tell another story of false hopes and the money that they lost in the pursuit of a dream. They regret their decision to join and may even acknowledge their true motivation: greed. The company's program is not really about its product but inspiring others to join in order to grow your income (or at least break even).

People seem to with experience in Liberty League International seem to have totally opposite encounters with the program. There are those who succeed and may see no reason why others who faithfully follow should not be able to reap the rewards as well. And then there are the rest who, after their LLI encounter, do not see how honest people do anything other than fail with such a "pie-in-the-sky" basis for a business.

Source by Jayne Manziel

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