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Brand Strategy Scorecard Template – Keep Your Company Moving Forward

Brand Strategy Scorecard Template – Keep Your Company Moving Forward

If you listen to a lecture on business marketing, or browse through the business section of any newspaper, chances are you’ll find a passion fueled discussion about the importance of branding in the market place. You might think that you’re doing enough to maintain your current market reputation, but unless you have a plan for how your brand will grown, change and expand over the coming years, you run the risk of becoming stale and irrelevant to your target audience. Although you might have some ideas for how you can promote your brand, it’s important to get your ideas on paper and start testing them for durability in the face of competition.

The need for a Brand Strategy Scorecard Template

Are you in tune with your brand and the way it is perceived among your target audience and competitors? Do you have solid goals and targets for how you want to improve that brand identity over the next twelve to sixteen months, or are you just hoping that you’ll remember your good ideas when the chance comes to put them into use? The key to successfully creating and maintaining a brand for your company comes from organization and having a clear vision of how your identity will change over time. Without organizational tools to help you achieve these goals, you run the risk of repeating work or even damaging your reputation.

What is a Brand Strategy Scorecard Template?

One of the hardest parts about getting organized is creating a structure that will work repeatedly over time. The Brand Strategy Scorecard Template is designed to work effortlessly with your existing Microsoft Excel program to offer a customizable structure for organizing both your short and long term branding goals. Start by inserting your company name and select a start date. Then, move down the left hand column inserting different programs, initiatives, and actions that will help you inch closer to your target goals for the company.

Because this Brand Strategy Scorecard Template is designed to make brand improvements easier to implement, you’ll see that the document already has several sample actions, target areas, key performance indicators, and timeframes built right into the spreadsheet. If these sound like what you need, you can leave them in, or, if you need to change the scope of the goals, it’s easy to erase them and insert your own. With this tool, you’ll never lose track of your vision for the company brand.


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