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Can I Email My Mailing List Too Often? Tips For Your Unique Business

Can I Email My Mailing List Too Often? Tips For Your Unique Business

Have you ever worried if you’re emailing your list too often? Have you had nightmares about losing subscribers, getting angry hate email and other horrible things?

You’re most certainly not alone. There is always a great debate on how much one should email their list. Some will boldly state appropriate intervals, but I haven’t a clue how anyone figures they can put out a blanket frequency rate for all lists, across all markets.

The fact of the matter is – there is no one size fits all for every email list, but here are some guidelines…

Stay in the Mind of Your Prospects & Customers

Your goal in email marketing is to keep your business in the minds of your prospects and customers. You also want to your readers to consider you the go-to source for information you share and the products you sell. If you email to infrequently, that could become problematic as they’ll just forget about you.

But what about the other side of the coin? Can you email too much?

Maybe, but what works best for your market and your list is up to you to test. You can look at open rates, response rates, etc. to help you determine what is best for you.

Personally, I email my Internet marketing list 2-3 times per week. It’s quite likely that some people don’t like it, but I’ve found this works very well in the grand scheme of things and I’m here to please the majority of my active subscribers. If you’re on my list, you know that I tend to write short emails. And amongst the product promotions I do, there is plenty of free stuff, information, etc.

In other markets I’ve dabbled with, I’ve also found a similar formula works. Stay in contact a couple times per week, keeping it short and sweet.

But does that mean you need to start emailing more often if you’re not already?

No, of course not. If you’re on a weekly schedule and it suits you fine, don’t sweat it, but you might start doing some testing.

For example, if you’re sending a weekly email that includes information on a few different subjects, try breaking it up into multiple emails. Remember, when you give your readers too many topics to focus on at one time, you diminish your chances of them paying attention to all those subject. Instead, send them one subject per email at a time and see how that improves your response rates.

Above all, think value

In the end, it’s not really the frequency that’s important…it’s the value you provide your subscribers. If you deliver tremendous value, your readers will look forward to and act on your emails.


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